Tuesday, November 4, 2014

A volcanic eruption

We would not like to go to Venus because it is so hot and smelly there.
This is because there are lots of volcanoes on venus.
(We are impressed that Volcanoes on Venus can be made with Vinegar!)
Here is what you need to make your own volcano:- 
You need: a bottle, vinegar and bread soda.
For the deluxe model you also need newspapers so that the volcano looks like a mountain, wash up liquid for the bubbles and red food colour to make the lava red.
Pour some bread soda, some food dye and some wash up liquid into your bottle and just add vinegar.
Have a look at what happens next.
Teacher told us that when vinegar and bread soda mix there is a chemical reaction that makes a gas.
This gas is Carbon Dioxide which is the same gas that we breathe out.
We thought we could use this gas to blow up a balloon.
We tried this (we were a little afraid that the balloon would burst but teacher explained that when the reaction is finished no more gas would be made and the balloon would stop getting bigger).  
We were so impressed with our volcano making and our balloon blowing that we are going to try this at home!

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