Monday, October 5, 2015

Day 1: Space and straw rockets

We are  learning all about the planets.
First of all we tried to name all the planets, then we wrote down what we know about each planet.
We each chose our favourite planet, then made a data chart of this.
Venus was our favourite planet, Neptune was not popular at all.
Here's how we felt about the planets at first:
Next, with the help of the following song, we learned more about each planet:

We didn't have another chance to choose our favourite planet, but we are quickly changing our minds about our favourite planets.
We folded a page with all this information into a little planet booklet each.
We thought this was really cool!

Day 1 of Space Week.
We are on a mission to launch a rocket a day for space week.
We made and launched our first rockets today.
These are straw rockets and are powered by air under pressure.

They are small but powerful!

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