Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Open Day Preparation

We can't wait to show our parents and friends, and the other classes all we have learned about space, rockets, life in space and the International Space Station.  We are looking forward to tomorrow!
We are all prepared now!
Science Week Visit 2015
We had a visit from Killaloe Planetarium today.
It was such an exciting day.
Galway Science and Technology festival sponsored the visit.
We learned all about the planets, the solar system, some astronomy (looking at constellations), and then saw a fantastic film about saving the coral reefs under the sea.
If you would like to see inside the planetarium, be sure to go to the Science and Technology festival in NUIG next Sunday!  They will be there, and all the fantastic shows are all FREEEEEE!!!!

Lots of us visited the Galway Science And Technology Festival on Sunday last.
One of our boys was lucky enough to win a terrific globe.
The globe shows the whole world, but when the lights go out, the globe shows all the constellations.
We find this really interesting after our visit to the Killaloe Planetarium last week.
Well done, and thank you for sharing with us!

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